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4Tk Gaming is always improving and setting the standards for tournament play

All bases should be fully painted. They can be flocked, scenic or plain but must be fully painted.

If a model does not require a base then this step does not need to apply.

Step 1 Step 2 The Base The Model

1: Must have a primary base colour (this could be 1 colour or more) and could be black or white but the idea is that none of the undercoat of original figure material is showing. This is considered your main colour/colours for your models

2: A certain amount of detail/key items should be picked out eg any weapons, symbols, icons etc and coloured differently (This does not mean all of them however).

The 3 Colour Rule To be considered  for best painted

This is for those that enjoy the painting and have spent that little extra time on their army.To qualify for best painted army you would have had to

1: Painted your army to our preferred gaming standard (PPS) opposite or better

Further to just the painting aspect we will, providing the painting is adequate, look at the additional work put in to convert the army, whether that is one particular model or the entire army. As well as the above we will consider the overall effort put into creating the theme, look & appearance too.

PPS Rule  (Preferred Painting Standard)

Although this standard is not essential or a requirement to enter any of our tournaments, it is a minimum standard to be considered for any of our tournament best painted army awards.

Our PPS Best Painted

We have used a Space Marine to demonstrate our standards but these standards can be transferred over to any other gaming system where our painting standards apply

Why do we require fully painted armies for our 3 to 5 Star Tournaments?

Well firstly you tell us, that’s what you would expect and we can’t argue with that and actually we strongly agree. Its far nicer killing, slaughtering and blowing up  pretty painted models apposed to  nice prima black stealth Nija’s or I can’t really be bothered to paint Grey. Also our 3 Star + Tournaments include a media package which means we take pictures and put them up on-line and again Grey models don’t really communicate I love the hobby that well.  Below we have tried to Keep it simple, we know your not all master painters and that some of you don’t even enjoy the painting.


Main colour Secondary Colour Base Colour Not black Detail Colour Detail Colour

In addition to the Basic Standards Step 1 and Step 2 you would need to show..

1:  At least 1 additional level of highlights.

2: A scenic or themed base.

3: An overall neatly painted army  what ever painting style you chose to use

Step 3 NOTE: If you do not adhere to these standards then the tournament  organiser may penalise that unit.

Tournament Painting Standards