Ultimate Commander

Custom  Set Up

Up to 32 players

2 Days

6 games

Winners trophy

Best painted army trophy

Lunch provided, both days

Good gaming standard

Great gaming boards

Top 16 unique UC dog tags


Sat 22- Sun 23rd

Feb 2014


Due to the continuing changes and up-dates Games Workshop are releasing we have had to be specific what we allow in our UC tournaments.

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4Tk Gaming premiere Warhammer 40000 Tournament

The History of our UC Tournaments

UC was originally thought up to provide a 2 Day Tournament that offered something different to anyone that plays Warhammer 40000.

We have some of the best tournament boards about. We are serious when it comes to Warhammer 40000

The Tournament pack can be subject to change at any time prior to 2 weeks of the tournament taking place

Because this is Ultimate Commander you may find yourself playing on none standard tournament boards eg a City Fight Board or a board with defences and bunkers already present. This is done on purpose and will be played as they are set out in the current Warhammer 40000 rule book or Stronghold Assault supplement where the rules have been up-dated. We will later release a scenery/terrain pack to help guide you through how the rules work with our UC tournament boards.

Our Terrain and boards are integral to the whole feel of Ultimate Commander and help push you skills to the limit.

Terrain plays a big part in our UC tournament and is what sets UC apart from any other Tournaments. This pack is a guide to what you can expect to see

Last up dated 29-12-13


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1: Sam S

2: Jonny T

3: Geoff

4: Phil E (2013 Winner)

5: Simon B

6: Greg R

7: David E

8: James C

9: George J

10: Paul M

11: Paul M

12: Rob B

13: Richard K

14: Chris N

15: Jaromir W

16: Lee H

17: Hamish

18: Richard T

19: Mark P

20: Alistair M

21: Tony C

22: Jason M

23: Matt M

24: Sy